Brooke Waybright

What I Want To Do After School

1) I want to go to college somewhere close to my family but I also want too stay in the mountains.I want to go to Davis & Elkins College, or I would want to go to West Virginia University.

2) I would want to own my own business.

3) *Entry-level positions for photography in the fields of journalism and science usually require a minimum of a college degree in photography,
*The education a photographer need is to have a vocational or advanced training like a degree or diploma career courses in digital photography, lightning, photo editing and film processing. They need to be creative, detail-oriented and learn how to use different types of photo software and equipment.
*It would take 1 year for your certificate and 2 years for your associates.

5) You will have to take a art and photography class when in you are in high school.

6)You can get good grades and pass the classes and draw during your free time.

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