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Famous Poet Project Research Paper Helper

Summary of Life. ( Write a Paragraph)

When was the poet born? March 31 1914

When did the poet die? April, 19, 1998

Where did the poet go to school?_Colegio Williams, Universityof CaliforniaBerkeley National Autonomous University Mexico.

What types of literature has the poet written? Surrealism, modernist

What are the names of some of the Poets poems? _Across, Axis ,Brotherhood ,Last dawn, Passage spaces  the street  as one listen to the rain between going and coming counterparts summit and gravity the bridge wind and water and stone

Any interesting facts about the poet?

·     1990 he won the Nobel prize in literature

·     1981 Miguel De Cervantes Prize

Example of a Poem

Find a poem that the poet wrote. Copy it into your presentation. Answer these questions about the poem in a paragraph.

–    What type of poem is it?  (Narrative, Limerick, Haiku, Concrete, Acrostic, or Lyric) the from of poetry is concrete

–    What similes are in the poem? The wind sculpted the stone

–    What metaphors are in the poem? their not one

–    What personification is in the poem? the water runs off  and is wind.

the wind sings in its turnings

–    What do you think the author meant in the poem? Wind and water and stone by Octavio Paz is a poem about how a people stays the same but is yet different as time goes on using his native land as a backdrop

–    Why you chose the poem?  I chose is poem because at the only I can find

–    What you like best about the poem? I like it because talk about  nature

•      Elements of Poetry

–    Identify all the elements of poetry you see in your poem, give examples of each.

–    What is an example of Sound devices in your poem?

•      Rhyme____________________ Rhythm ____________________

•      Alliteration ___________________ Repetition The water hollowed the stone,

the wind dispersed the water,
the stone stopped the wind.
Water and wind and stone

•      Onomatopoeia __________________________

What is an Example of Figurative language in your poem?

Metaphor 0  Simile 1      The wind sculpted the stone,   Personification 2 The water runs off and is wind The wind sings in its turnings

What  is an example of Sensory Language in your poem?

Appeals to sight ____________________________ Appeals to touch The wind sings in its turnings, the water murmurs as it goes

Appeals to taste ______________________ Appeals to touch ________________________

Appeals to smell ___________________________