My life at high school

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall

That sentence and that picture for me represent perfectly the student's life and how hard and long it is, but if you want to achieve something in your life. However long or difficult the path is, it doesn't matter.

2009/10. I remember my first year at high school was incredible, it was all different from the school. Apart from my school friends, I met people that nowadays are my friends and we have lived a lot of experiences together. The person in the photo is my friend Carlos, he and I have been mates all our life.

Then we had to move to another prefab high school but it was good after all. This class was one of the best I have been in, everybody was nice and some of the people in the photo are still classmates.

2012/13. The last year of ESO. The best thing of this year was the final trip we made to Italy. I went with all my friends, we had a very good time and visited a lot of important and beautiful places. I hope Mallorca's trip will be better but this was very good.


2014/15. The last year of  high school and the beginning of a new life, university life.
There are less than two months for the PAU exams. These six years have been amazing, your life changes completely not only in the studies, you have to act like an adult and prepare for the future. I would like to study advertising or audiovisual communication at the UJI in Castellón.

To finsh I have chosen this song. It remembers me that I have to correct my mistakes and despite having a lot of difficulties I have to go ahead, fight for what I love and... HAPPY

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