Me: Just another wallflower

I'm Morgan. Here's a little bit about me.


Im 15.

Im obsessed with old records, TV series', music & food.

I watch shows including/not limited to :

Game of Thrones, Pretty little liars, American Horror Story, The Blacklist, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, & many more.

Im your average band freak.

I have a cat named Ollie.

2 months clean.

Knifes are for cutting cake, not wrists!

I suffer from Anxiety & Depression.

I enjoy music! I like Alternative, Classic rock, Grunge, Indie, and a few ensemble groups.

I listen to Fall out boy, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, BMTH, SWS, FIR, Nirvana, Queen, Mushroom Head, 5 finger death punch, BVB , Disturbed, Evanescence, Led Zeppelin & A TON more.

Message me if you want to talk (=

Or, Add me on IG @Moorrggaann.allyyssaa

Kik: morganczerwinski

or Fb: Morgan Alyssa  


I do attempt strength, I am positive at times, but nobody is perfect.

We are all pressured to fit in.

In reality we are all society's rejections.

Once we realize that, we can move on and work on ourselves, rather than our image for others.

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2 years ago

This is awesome. You have great taste in music AND TV Shows! You see the latest episode of Walking Dead? I love it!

2 years ago

Yes! && Thank you so much!