Calorimeter 4Ua

How Much of an Impact the Insulation has on our Calorimeter

To keep the pop can insulated, we wrapped insulation and tin foil around it.  When we had to change one aspect of our calorimeter, we decided to remove the insulation.  We removed the insulation to see whether it had an impact on keeping in the heat, and if so, how much of an impact.

Calorimeter before the insulation was removed (insulation Is under the tin foil)
Graph of the results for the original calorimeter
Calorimeter after insulation was removed
Graph of the results of the altered calorimeter

We discovered that insulation did help contain the heat in the calorimeter, but it did not contribute a whole lot to containing the heat.  We found the change in temperature for both the original calorimeter and the altered calorimeter.  The calorimeter that had the insulation had a difference of 17 degrees Celsius.  The calorimeter without the insulation had a difference of 15.8 degrees Celsius.  With the insulation, the calorimeter retained 1.2 degrees Celsius more heat than without the insulation.  This shows that the insulation did not have a very large effect on the calorimeter.

If we to further experiment on our calorimeter, we could remove the tin foil to how much heat can be retained with just insulation.  We could then compare the insulation and tin foil to see how much heat each on can retain on it own.

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