Travel Tips

Of the Arabian Peninsula

ADAPTIONS TO THE DESERT: Nomads would raise animal who could survive in the desert then and would move from place to place to find vegetation for their livestock. As for themselves they would use camels as their transportation, wear long thin clothes so they were protected from the sun and eat and drink the milk and cheese produced from their livestock.

ADAPTIONS TO THE MOUNTAINS:  Mountain dwellers adapt my building terraces into the mountian side. These flat strips of ground on the hillside allow for the growing of crops

ADAPTIONS TO THE COASTAL PLAINS:Due to the environment (moist damp air, rain falls regularly, some waterways)  the area is suitable for farming. People deep wells, dams, and irrigation systems (to bring water to dry places in order to grow crops).

ADAPTIONS TO THE OASIS: Some people gave up the nomadic lifestyle to settle in the desert oases. Most people on the oases were farmers, but towns also rose  up and became centers of trade.

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