Oil Spill

Hello! We have recently been requested to find the total area of a current oil spill that has just happened around our coast. We will share all of our information that we have collected with you, throughout the presentation.

About the Oil Spill

The picture below is a diagram that represents the shape of the oil spill.

For the diagram above, Each centimeter represents 2 miles. This is a pretty massive oil spill!

So to figure out the total area of the oil spill, we needed a plan, this is what our process was to find the area of this tremendous oil spill!

Step 1

First what we decided to do was to break the oil spill diagram in to shapes. So this is how we broke up the shapes:

Step 2

After we broke the oil spill into shapes, we decided that it would make sense to start measuring the shapes. So what we did is we measured in centimeters, every side of the shapes. Below is Laney showing an example of measuring one of the shapes.

Step 3

For step three, what we did is we found the area of all of the little shapes. So what we did was depending on the shape, we would find the area formula and then use our measurements and then we would record it.

Step 5

Now that we have all of our little shapes areas, it is time to add all of our areas up. So what we did is we got our calculators and added all of the areas.

Step 5

Now it is time for our final step! Now since 1 cm equaled 2 miles, we took our final area and multiplied by two, so then that is the area of the oil spill in miles.

Our Conclusions

What we found for the total area of the oil spill was 286.3 miles. Since all three of us got 3 different answers, that were pretty close, we decided to average all three of our answers together to get our final answer. Laney's answer was 271.3, Emma got 283.4, and Audrey got 350.2. From what we have gathered, we think that this oil spill is not something to worry too much about.

Thank You!

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