They believed in the gods, they had 3 gods. They had a sun god, a war god, and a god that is based on their religion. The gods names was Huitzilopochtli the sun god, which was the war god to, and their god that was based on their religion and their livings. because this god traveled the globe. when he did another god told him that if they see a vulcure on aside of a cliff they would died. so he came back and told them that, his name was Quetzalcoatl. Their was another god, that god represented the powerful adfares of the good and the evil to them. This name was Ometeotl.


Long migration brought them to the valley of Mexico, they eventually established a capital at Teochtitlan, now Mexico city. They had lakes texcoco. it was a place where it had swampy lslands and a salt marshes.


The 100 years of Aztec, they constructed temples and other public buildings. They build roadways of stone to cross the lake of Texcoco from north to south and from west linking the island to the mainland.


They attend to eat rich and spicy foods, their main food was the tlaxcalli. Made like a taco but diffrent way to eat it. They hunt deer,rabbits,geese, and ducks. they raised dogs and turkeys that was a meat animal.


They had 3 main weapon the macuahuiti, tecpatl, tematalatl. The macuahuiti was a close quarter weapon a mix between a club and a sword. The tecpatl was like a knife or an dagger constructed from obsidian blade afixed on a wooden blade. The tematalatl was a sling weapon, a ranged projected weapon.  

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