FIFA is one of the best selling games every year and has a large fan base of support. In recent years, this has grown even more by the weekly updates and the fan-favourite Ultimate Team game mode. Cheap Fut Coins

It's not just the gaming public that gets a kick out of soccer. EA Sports gameplay producer Shaun Pejic lives and breathes the other football every day. The English game developer, who works in EA Sports' Vancouver studio, took some time away from the virtual pitch to talk about FIFA 14, the latest installment of the perennial international bestseller. Here are some tips and tricks straight from the producer's mouth.

What's your favorite FIFA team?

Liverpool – I've supported Liverpool for as long as I can remember. Growing up in England, Anfield was only a 40-minute drive from my house, and as a kid, I remember turning the TV on looking for the Liverpool result before the result of my father's team (who played for a League 2 team at the time), getting me in trouble with my mum.

What advice do you have for someone playing as this team?

Look to make a pass to Daniel Sturridge. He is a hidden gem and future star for Liverpool and England. He's able to hold off defenders using the new Protect The Ball feature, as well as having good feet to dribble around defenders when tackles fly in.

What's the best way to take advantage of Precision Movement?

The best thing about Precision Movement is that it's realistic to playing Football (Soccer) outside with your friends. When playing outside, if somebody is running as fast as they can towards you, all you need to do is to take a side step, and then run the direction he just came from. It would take him a few steps to slow down, turn and then build up the speed to catch up. Think about this when playing the game, it helps a lot.

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