Melanie Anderson

On a regular week day my schedule is the same. At 5:45am I wake and get ready for school. I take a shower and eat breakfast. If I don’t take a shower and eat breakfast I will be tired and have no energy. At 6:45am I’m on the bus and on my way to school. When I’m on the bus I listen to music. I’m on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. We get to school at 7:35am sometimes 7:40am. Breakfast at school is until 8:00am. After 8:00am we head to 1st block. My first block is biology. We do different activities, like playing kahoot using our phones. We also do projects working together to accomplish things. At 9:30am we go to 2nd block. 2nd block is my math class, we do not have a teacher but we are finding a way to learn on our own all though it’s very hard.We use computers and the internet to help us figure out things we don't understand.   At 11:00am-12:00am is lunch and learn. After we eat lunch we go to our classes that we need help in or our CTE classes. After we leave lunch and learned we go to 3rdblock. My 3rd block is personal finance; we discuss managing your money using the smart board. We research banks online and discuss different things about banks. At 1:30pm, 4th block starts. 4th block is scivis; Scivis is the interactive display and analysis of data.We use computers and digital media to create things.I use tackk,postermywall,and to create posters.  At 3:00pm school is dismissed, we get on our buses and go home. When I get home I usually get something to eat first, and then start on my homework.I do my homework on the computer,I use things like a Microsoft word document, Schoology,and Google After homework I watch TV, get on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or play the video game. Finally around 7:00pm I take my shower and get ready for bed. At 10:00pm I watch tv until I fall  asleep.

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