My Daily Routine

Monday through Friday I wake up at 6 in the morning to take a shower, after that i get ready for school i don't take long to get ready for school because i don't go all out.  then make my bed and eat breakfast, then my mom takes me to school. After school i go home and clean, eat and then do homework if i have any then after i take a nap and they are about 2 hour naps.

At night when the day is over i usually fall asleep at 10 pm or later depending if i am tired or not. On some days i go out with my friends after school or after i do everything i need to do at home.The weekends is a little different, i usually wake up at 10 lay in bed for a little, then after that i get up and get started with my day i do my bed and then i clean my room if its dirty, after that i take a shower, find out what i am going to wear for the day, then i do my hair and makeup sometimes ill do my makeup not all the time. After i am done with all that i go out with my friends.

What we do is we go out and about drive to Waxahachie or Dallas to chill with our friends sometimes we will go shopping or go to the movies and out to eat, or  we just stay home and watch movies and order pizza or make some food because its too cold to be going anywhere.

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