My 7th Grade Year

Top 10 Favorite Memories (In no order)

Sarah Soryal

1. Language Arts/reading

My favorite memory from 7th grade reading was Outsider's day. We all looked really fantastic in the weird outfits plus we got to play fun games. It was also really awesome because we played Greasers against Socs. I was a Greaser and we lost a lot but it was still fun.

2. Camp

Another awesome memory from 7th grade was camp. My favorite activities were learning the dances and outdoor cooking (hobo pies are sooooooooo good). One of the main dances we learned was thriller. It was a really great experience.

3. Band Concerts

7th grade band concerts were also very fun. Everyone has to wear the kenston polos which are clearly very attractive. Some of the songs we played were really weird but it was still cool to try new music.

4. Football Games

A really fun out of school activity from this year were high school football games. It was really fun to support the bombers with my friends and also we got to eat lots of candy.

5. Art Class

Art class this year was awesome. I had a great class and we made lots of cool projects. My mandala project is below.

5. Semi-Formal Dance

Every year once of the dances is always semi-formal which basically means you have to dress up fancy. It was really fun! (and I was still able to break it down in a dress)

6. My 13th Birthday

This year I had a really cool birthday with my friends. We went to legacy village and had dinner and shopped around (and stuff). It was super awesome.

7. Isabelle's Batmitzvah

This year one of my good friends Isabelle had her batmitzvah. She had a photo booth there so I took a lot of pictures with my friends. Her party was carnival themed so there was a huge candy bar. Needless to say it was a fantastic time.

8. Art Club

This year in art club we had to repaint Mrs. Seitz's chairs. I worked with two of my friends and we had the amazing idea to paint the chair like a lion. It basically took forever and didn't even end up looking great but hey, it was cool.

9. Vacation

This year my family went on vacation to Florida during spring break (original right). We stayed in a condo in Orlando right next to Disney. We visited family who lives in Florida, went to Disney, and went to Anna Maria Island.  

Song that played a million times in the car ride to Florida

10. Awards Ceremony

My last and most recent 7th grade memory is the awards ceremony. I got the 4.0 award and a Speech and Debate award. It was really fun to see all my friends get recognized and it was a super cool way to end the year.

HELA Moments

This year HELA was my favorite class. We did so many fun activites and projects that it is hard to choose my favorite memories but I narrowed it down to three favorites.

Monomyth Activity

One of the fun activities we did was the Monomyth activity after we read Anythm. It was so much fun to solve the puzzles to "rescue" Mrs. Krisfalusy from the evil trolls. My team was awesome at the word puzzles!

Radio Dramas

Another one of my favorite projects from the year is the radio drama project we did during our horror unit. We had to write and act out a scary script for our radio drama. My team took the acting out very seriously and we were actually screaming in the recording booth.

Solving Mysteries

Though solving the five minute mysteries were not one of the main projects of he year, they were definitely some of my favorites. It was really fun to try to solve the little cases even though I only got two right.


Social Studies

Social studies this year was also really fun with Dr. Bates! My class was a really great group and I learned a lot but it was actually really fun.

Roman Legacy Project

One main project of the year was our Roman legacy project. We had to make some sort of visual for the project so I made a digital collage of my topic, The Struggle of Orders. It was really cool to learn about how the Romans had similar struggles that we do now.


Camp this year was super fun. I had an awesome cabin and we had a great time at all the activities. Two of the activities are highlighted below.

Challenge Course

One of the activities was the challenge course. We had three challenges to complete with our cabin. My favorite was a challenge called islands where all your team members have to go from platform to platform and eventually get to the end. The problem is you can't touch he ground and your only way to cross the platforms is by making bridges with boards that also can't touch he ground. It was awesome and we all did it!

Nature Hike

The nature hike was another fun activity we did at camp. In her nature hike we went all around camp and it was really pretty (especially he waterfalls). A consoler named Leah guided us and she was really funny. She told us stories about the camp and some ghost stories of her own. It was an amazing time.

Thanks for an Awesome Year

This year was so amazing because I have fantastic friends who sticked with me the entire way. I also had equally fantastic teachers who not only taught, but enhanced and made our learning fun. This year couldn't have been better and I hope next year is the same! Bye 7th grade!

Precept for Incoming 7th Graders

Don't be disappointed if you're not perfect; mistakes are just reasons to use your new fancy erasers from the supply list.

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Great start, Sarah! I love all the pictures!

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I absolutely LOVE your precept!