Dear all teachers aka... (Ms. Roque, Ms. Luevano, Ms. Castro, Mr . Thomas, Mr. Trevizo, and Mr. Saucedo. The teachers that i have and to all other teachers),

      Thank you for being here for me and all other students. I Thank you for teaching and making us all laugh in certain days, also in bad days. I thank you all teachers for helping us learn new incredible skills to pass the ninth grade. I hope that most teachers stay the same and be fun, funny, cool, and being there for other students even if it isnt about school. This also means the councilors, with the teacher's help of knowing what is wrong with the student they may send the student down to the councilors. I as a student respect my teachers, and hope for the best for my and all teachers, I for one care and love all my teachers and appreciate what they do in class for me and others. No Student should ever disrespect or be awful to a teacher never. Thank You Teachers for all hard work through out the year.

              Your Faithful Student,

                          Esmeralda R.

P.S. every teacher should be loved and cared by students, all teachers helps each students in each and everyway. Everyone is diffrent from one another, no one should change you or your personality and be yourself.

Haha cant catch me!
Howl and love everyone even when diffrent

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2 years ago

So sweet, thank you Esmeralda. This is why I became a teacher!😂

2 years ago

Your Welcome you awsome Teacher! Aka Mr. Trevizo! 😄