Singapore: A Small Country With Advanced Military Power

In recent memory, Singapore has developed to become one of the most powerful countries in Southeast Asia. Its rise as a regional power is fast and definitive. The government is continuously developing its economy. And the progress is visible. More and more multinational companies are establishing its presence in the Lion City. The market is also bullish, meaning investor optimism or confidence is high. That is a good thing for a country that just started its independence in 1965. It shows that Singapore as a country is on its way into becoming a global player in the decades to come.

However, one must approach this development with caution. An increasing regional presence means that a country could gain more potential enemies internally and externally. Internally: some groups may think that the development is altering traditions and destroying the environment. Externally: some neighbours may see the economic growth as a threat that needs to be contained. These potential enemies are common in developing nations that is why a certain percentage of the government’s budget is allocated to funding military equipment. Singapore, like other countries, must allocate a portion of its budget to develop a military, navy and army. It must also fund a defence system just in case certain nations and separatist groups decide to attack it.

The millions of Singaporean dollars for military equipment Singapore needs are just a portion of the overall budget given annually. It is important to note that not everything is given to military spending. Other sectors of the government including education, tourism, transportation and communication have its own budgets.

Singapore is a small country. It has an area of 277 square meters. It is the 190th smallest country in the world. Some say you could travel by car to both ends of the country in one day. That is how small it is. However, the country is also composed of one main island and 60 smaller islets. The territory is surrounded by different bodies of water. The Straiits of Johor separates the northern part of the country with the rest of mainland Asia. The Singapore Strait separates the southern part from other Southeast Asian islands. Given this situation, the government invests in advanced military equipment. Singapore has state of the art naval boats patrolling its borders. The country also boasts highly trained military personnel trained for both armed and hand-to-hand combat. The country also trains its fighters and support teams to be savvy with technology.

Singapore as a country may be small in size. But it must not be underestimated. The national government invests in defence spending to develop its military, to patrol its borders and to mitigate potential threats. Singapore may be small, but this Lion City has its fangs.