What if slavery didn't happen?

     If slavery wouldn't have happened, then today there wouldn't be so many riots about African Americans being shot by white people. Segregation was/is a huge issue for the United States. The peak of slave trade was from 1751-1775 at about 63,000 imported slaves. This links to today because of the Ferguson shooting. A white male cop shot a black man, so this sparked a huge 'fight' in society. If a black male were to shoot a white male it wouldn't be as big of an issue for society. Why is that? Because people still believe that white people hate black people. If slaves were to have been white people this whole topic would barely even be taught. Slavery is the whole reason that there are riots between people over a police shooting. So if slavery wouldn't have happened people wouldn't riot over a, in a way, simple thing.

    The above photo is of Africans being driven from their homes to become slaves. The below is pictures of the Ferguson riots.