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Messina, nicknamed the "Door to Sicily"  has always been known as a port town with a bustling economy and lively atmosphere. Sicily as a whole is actually disconnected from the mainland, and therefore has a system of ferries as the only means of transportation between Messina and the Italian Inland. Due to the strike of several earthquakes over the years, modern-day Messina's buildings and structures are built with safety at the forefront. Buildings are kept low to the ground to reduce damage in the event of an earthquake, and roads are paved relatively wide. Despite Messina not being described in detail in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing play, if one were to go there they would find a beautiful, waterfront, port town with a bustling lifestyle.


Messina’s at it Again!

Claudio and Hero. OTP or NOTP?

Claudio and Hero, Messina’s love at first sight. Literally. The first sight laudio had of Hero he wondered “Would it even be possible to buy a jewel as rare and precious as Hero?” (Act 1 scene 1 page 8). But the night before the wedding brings the relationship to a startling halt. Where are they going? Everyone’s talking about it but we all wonder, what truly happened the night before Claudio’s and Hero’s wedding? Was it Fact or Crap? For those who need a catching up, Claudio accused Hero for cheating on him. What was once an innocent Hero, is now stamped as a cheater, a backstabbing fiance! Friar’s question to Claudio, “Have you come here, my lord, to marry this lady?”, is not what brought the shocker but Claudio’s response of “No,” (act 4, scene 1 page 1), started it all. The whole kingdom of Messina is enraged. Claudio claims that he saw Hero with another man, who is this man? Why would Hero do something like this before the wedding? Claudio was known to have been with Don jon at the time. Don jon has quite a history of jealousy, foe to all. Don Jon may be the only escape Hero has to get out of the mess she is in. If Claudio and Hero are both fooled then who is the blame? Don Pedro couldn’t have done anything, he is one of the reasons why Hero and Claudio are together in the first place. Hero would never do something so dreadful, especially being Leonato's daughter. She wouldn’t give shame on herself and her family. The worst thing about the marriage is Hero's death! Slanderous words were thrown at her by Claudio and Hero’s father, Leonato. Was it a lie? Could Hero really be brought down by words? Claudio wouldn’t lie about something like this so everything that happened that one night all comes down to one person, or maybe people. Who will be caught with their hand in the cookie jar? Leave your comments on our page and get the newest issues. Grab yourself an update next week after the trial on Messina’s marriage!

A Shocking Interview With Lady Beatrice

  • Question: What was the real reason behind the change of your point of view on love? Was it all the influence that Margaret, Ursula, and Hero had on you and was it your choice to not hide your love?
  • Answer: I’d hate to speak it to you but I know what love is. I’ve seen the faces and heard of the feelings a toothache one can get. I chose to ignore my toothache and I personally didn’t make the decision to be open about all of those gilly little things I’ve been opposed to. I’m not saying that I had no part in being with Benedick and showing my love but without the help of my Cupids then Bnendick and I would not have known the amount of love we have for one another. We were in denial with our own feelings.
  • Question: Did love change you?
  • Answer: Well you could say I’m more of an open book. I feel almost naked without the secrets love had kept within me. But love itself is not something I think can change someone. Love is just a feeling more of an annoyance, I’ll say. The person themselves decides weather and not to let a feeling take them over and with that control comes consequences and actions that you may not have expected you to do before.

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