Year 7 Full Time & Fast Track


Seating Plan

Starter Activity - Look at the books below.

  • Do you recognise (know) any of the people on the covers?
  • What kinds of books are they?
  • Have your ever read this kind of book?
  • Talk to the person next to you.

Vocabulary check:

Chronological order - events start with the earliest time and end with the latest time.

Tone - the attitude or feelings the writer creates.

Culture - the ideas, traditions and behaviour of a society or group.


Only read the passage you have been assigned to.

Passage A: Alvin, Esther, Aoi, Yu, Daniel, Minami, Eloise, Christine, Toni, and Hide.

Passage B: Hanna, Arshi, Adrien, Paul, Emeline, Ema, Louis, Taeyeong, Heeseo, and Rin.

Firstly, skim read to get the main idea.

Secondly, check any words you are uncertain about (use your dictionary).

Thirdly look at the information in the table on Google Classroom.  What do you need to add?

Finally, scan read to get the details and information you need to complete the table.

Lesson Two: Tuesday 10th Feb

Homework Check:

  1. You should have completed your half of the table in the Googledoc.
  2. This should only be for the passage you have read.

Activity One: In pairs

  1. Find someone who read the different passage from you.
  2. Talk together about what you learnt about the writer and the culture they grew up in.
  3. Complete the rest of the table.

Activity Two: In pairs

Activity Three: In pairs

Activity Four: Independent

  • Look again at the passage you first read.
  • Is it written from the perspective of the writer?
  • How do you know?  Which pronoun is used the most?

Activity Five: In pairs

  • Make a list or table in your Googledoc of the advantages and disadvantages of writing in the first person.
  • Give reasons for your answers.
  • Use the questions below to help you.

Submit your completed Googledoc in classroom.

Exit Ticket: Socrative Room g20