Southern Colonies Region

The Bottom of the Pile

The Southern Colonies

The Southern colonies are Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Two benefits that describe the  climate of the region is that we have short mild winters and long nice summers. Perfect to get a nice tan.

Two benefits that describe the agriculture is that we have a long growing season to plant and harvest crops like tobacco, rice, and indigo. Also we are by the sea so we can get many things from the sea like fish and other things.

Two Benefits that describe industry is that sense the growing season is long they have a good farming industry. LOTS OF FOOD! The second benefit is fishing because they are by the ocean and can get fish. A LOT OF SEA FOOD!

Tobacco was one of the Cash crops in the Southern Colonies.

Extra Facts

All of there government are royal except Maryland's that is Proprietary.

All of there religion's are Anglican and Baptist.

Another fact Just for fun: now a days in the 2000s the football teams that are in the southern colonies states are The Atlanta Falcons, The Carolina Panthers, The Washington Redskins, and the Baltimore Ravens. FOOTBALL!  

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