Digital Learning Day Challenge!

Created by Kelly Meyering
Ideas borrowed from Jennifer Hogan

Digital Learning Day is Wednesday, February 17, 2016.  Are you up for a challenge? For each task you complete, you will receive an entry into a prize drawing.  We encourage you to include your students in this digital learning process.  As a bonus, student product submissions will receive additional entries.  *One additional entry per task*

How to submit and win?!

You can start these activities NOW.  Once you complete an activity, email me with evidence.  You must complete the activity choices by Wednesday (the 17th) afternoon.


Create an instagram account for your classroom to document the awesome learning taking place!  Post a couple of pictures.  You may want to create a hashtag (#) to use so people could search for your pictures easily.  Have your students post pictures to their instagram and include your hashtag.  Students can also comment on your instagram photos.  


Use Twitter in your Classroom! The easiest way to receive entries into the prize drawing is to tweet out what you are doing in class on Digital Learning Day!  Use the hashtag #DLDayBMS.  You can also create a chat with your students after class. It's a great way to create background knowledge for upcoming lessons, give a voice to introverts, and continue the discussion after class. Create a hashtag for your specific class to follow.


Create a Pinterest Board for you and your coworkers with content-specific pins, tech ideas, classroom layout/design ideas, and more.  Have your students create pinboards that contain pins related to the standard you are teaching.  

Digital Student Response!

Conduct an informal assessment with your class using one of the following student response systems: Canvas, Kahoot, Socrative, or Plickers.  

Flip your instruction!

Create a video tutorial or lesson for your students or colleagues and upload to YouTube. Student can demonstrate their learning by recording themselves and sharing it.  


Create a thinglink for your students to use in the near future.  

Allow students to create a thinglink to demonstrate their learning.  


Create a tackk assignment for your class to use to learn more about your next unit!  Or have your students create a tackk as a way to learn more about a specific standard or as an end of unit project.  


Create a discussion in Canvas. Content in the discussion could include:

  • an upcoming unit
  • a current event
  • a chapter in a novel
  • a mathematical process
  • an experiment

Join the fun!