Healthy Vending Mechines

BY:Brianna Cape

1.How many machines should we have? Why did you choose this number of machines?

~We should have 1 machine, because we need to try and see how it works before we get more of them.

2.What kind of healthy snacks would you like to see in your vending machine? Why did you choose these snacks?

~Nature's Path Envirokids, Pops chip, Lifeway ProBugs Organic, Horizon Organic, Barbara's. I choose these because they seem fun to have and really good for you.

3.What should these snacks cost? Why did you choose this price?

~Everything should be 0.50 cents in food wise. And drinks should be a dollar. i choose this because i think it is very reasonable.

4. Where should the machine be located? Why did you select these locations?

~In the hallway. i choose this because this is a fair thing and anyone can get something after class and they don't have to ask or worry about a teacher.

5.When should students be able to use the machine? Why did you select these times of day?

~Whenever class is switching or in the morning or when they are leaving. i say this because its the best way and they get it before class and nit while.

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