Gun Control
NO Gun Control


  • Support laws to regulate guns
  • Gun violence is a serious problem
  • Government needs to impose restrictions to regulate the purchase and ownership of guns


  • oppose laws to regulate guns
  • The passageof gun laws has not reduced gun violence
  • NRA-Main opponent

   Through history we have had guns our whole lives...MOSTLY for defending our countries nation and staying free. But now guns have been used for evil. The controversial debate on this weather there should be guns allowed to have in the community and schools or we should take away the right and have less injuries or people killed either on accident or purpose. This is called the 1st amendment and the name of it is called "The right to bear arms"

   There were two sides in debating on weather to have guns or not. One group wanted to have guns for protection and on the other side they wanted to prohibit guns from being harmful to others and letting the guns fall into the wrong hands.

    Where I stand in this is that i would choose not to have guns because it would be safe around the communities and schools plus no one would be injured or killed and wouldn't have to deal with losing someone you love or a best friend.

Deaths and Injuries that occuried while having guns

since people have been handling guns, each year alot of accidents have ruined peoples lives with others not handling weapons right and alot of them were used for murders. People more or less has been trying to decrease weapons so that each country would be safe and no towns will have to be destroyed. If weapons decrease we would have less and less wars as well.


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