The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Erin K

Theme #1

Definition: We always need to love and respect others so we can live how God wanted us to live.

Description: The organization helps by taking action and being ready to help everyone in the world. They do this so everyone around world has a good a place to live.

Theme #2

Definition: We must support everyone in what they do even if they are rich or poor.

Description:This organization helps people all over the world by inspiring boys and girls. They inspire them to follow their dream so they can he happy.

Theme #3

Definition: Everyone has to right to everything, and everyone should be treated fairly.

Description: This organization helps be making sure that kids have a good influence to make sure everyone is treated fairly. And they are making sure that children have someone to help them in good and in bad times.

Theme #4

Definition: Just because people are poor that does not mean that they are worth less and we need to change so there is not as big of a separation between richer people and poorer people.

Description: This organization is important because it helps people that are poor and tries to help them a better life. They do this so even people that do not have a lot of money can have a happy life.

Theme #5

Definition: Workers need to care for their families and themselves so they need to be protected because they have people counting on them.

Description: This organization helps by helping people that need to care for their families. They help people do many things like finding jobs so they can support themselves and their family.

Theme #6

Definition: We all need to treat others as if they were apart of your family even of they are different.

Description: The organization helps by partnering with families to improve the conditions at each home. So everyone can life a good life and have a well cared for home to life in.

Theme #7

Definition: We all need to work together and respect God for what he gave us.

Description: The organization helps by sending groups of people to help people all over the world they help by making sure that everyone has what they need to live. And that everyone has the chance to have a good life, because everyone needs to respect everyone so everyone in the world can life freely.