TJ's Music Memory List

W.C. Handy

W.C. Handy was born in a log cabin in Alabama. He lived with his mom and dad and were very poor.His father was a minister and his mother had no job. W.C. Handy had various jobs .When he got enough money he bought a guitar. William was so excited that he got a guitar.He enjoyed playing the guitar but his father hated it. He told him to take it back and get a big dictionary. His father only liked church music and thought that the guitar has a devil’s playing. W.C Handy started selling and composing his music for money. All of his songs were famous but his song Memphis Blues was a big hit but he received very little money for it. Thats when he became the father of the blues.

When handy was trying to write more music he found it very hard to concentrate with four growing kids living with him. When hady bored of listening to his kids he rented a hotel room with a piano to write his music. With the noises outside his room he could concentrate on his music and get it done. When Handy was writing one of his famous songs it felt like the song was writing itself. When Handy got done writing St. Louis Blues he published it and got $4,000.

I hate Handy’s music and I can tell you why. For one it’s too long. Two it goes to slow and was an old recording. That’s all i have to say about W.C. Handy.

Carl Orff

  • Born in Germany
  • Created Orff instruments for elementary music classrooms
  • His music school was boomed during World War II thankfully the school was closed
  • Composed during the Modern Period
  • Founded a school that focused on movement and music
  • Carmina Burana his most famous composition

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