Panama City

Panama City is the best place to bond

On this beach it feels like you are flouting in heaven. You will think that you are in the best dream.You will bond with family and you and your family will both be happy.

This place is a very popular for vacations.It is also popular on spring break too.They this place SPRING BREAK capital of the World.  

Here is a map of Panama City.There is also some places on her you might like.

Here is a really great restaurant name Sharky's.They have great food and it is really fun.Thier food there is amazing and it taste like heaven.

                                                          5 Fun Facts about Panama City

Panama City is the only place that you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic Ocean.

You can swim in both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean at the same time.

Panama is the only place that has a rain forest within the city limits.

Panama City  has a song that is called "Panama" by Van Halen.

The Panama Canal was built by the US Army in 1904 and 1914.

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