On page 217, Arnold lists the "tribes" or groups of people that he belongs to or identifies with. These include cartoonists, beloved sons, and chips-and-salsa lovers. Make your own list of tribes or groups that you belong to or identify with. After you have made a list then choose at least two of your tribes to write a paragraph about.

Here are my tribes:

The tribe of teachers

The tribe of aunties

The tribe of daughters

The tribe of sisters

The tribe of introverts

The tribe of dog lovers.

The tribe of lazy people

The tribe of organizers

The tribe of coffee drinkers

The tribe of readers

My two tribes I will explain are: lazy people and coffee drinkers.

Lazy People

I do NOT like to exercise. My mom has been trying to get me into working out for years. I like taking walks but I do not like lifting weights and doing cardio. I hate working out in public like at the gym. People always say that exercising helps stress but it just makes me more stressed. Napping helps my stress--not EXERCISE!

Coffee Drinkers

I cannot function in the morning without coffee. Every evening I set my coffee maker to turn on at 6:00 so I can wake up to the smell of coffee brewing in my kitchen. I don't drink my coffee at home as I am rushing to get ready and out the door. I like to save it for when I can sit down and enjoy it. I sip my coffee throughout first and second hour. On very tired mornings the coffee is gone before 2nd hour begins.