Bengal Kittens

An informational text by Brooke C


Did you know some people have miniature leopards in their houses? Now, I’m not talking about a silly statue of a leopard stalking invisible prey. I mean living flesh-and-blood: as in the Bengal cat.


How do you know if you've seen a Bengal cat? Well, the term Bengal is actually a bit broad. There are three types of Bengals:

The first type of Bengal is the regular Bengal cat. This type is the most common. It has dark brown rosettes and light brown base fur. It has a white belly, which continues a white trail down to the inside of their legs. Their tails are striped.

Let’s continue on with the marbled Bengal cat. A marbled Bengal is very similar to the regular one (They have the same coloring), except with different markings. Instead of rosettes, they have a dark brown swirl. The swirls look like the inside of a marble, hence the name ‘marbled Bengal cat’.

Finally, there is the silver Bengal. Silver Bengals are the most rare and to many the most beautiful. Instead of brown, this exquisite type has a sleek silver base coat and dark grey rosettes. Silver Bengals can be marbled.

All Bengals have narrow faces, long whiskers, and a very muscular build.


Bengal kittens have as many different tweaks in their personalities as they do markings, but there are a few things they all have in common.

Do you know anyone with a fear of heights? Do you have it? Well, one thing is for certain: Bengals do NOT. They will do anything to get higher. They jump on counters, bunk beds, and if they can, even T.V’s. They especially love to climb trees. Some people, including me, think their love of heights comes from their leopard ancestors, because leopards live in trees.

Bengals also chew. And I don’t mean they just chew when they can, I mean they chew when they can’t. They eat anything. If you get them chew toys, get ready to buy more, because they will ruin them easily and quickly.

Raising a Bengal

If you’re interested in getting a Bengal, here are a few tips:

Got Cat?

If you already have a cat, it would be wise to get a Bengal younger than your other cat. It is more natural to a cat if a smaller, less defensive kitten comes into their home then an older, more aggressive cat.


Make sure your cabinets, refrigerator, and other things that could be dangerous to cats closed and constantly watched. Bengals are smart and curious. They will try to get in, I promise.

Clean It Up!

Clean, sweep, and wipe as much as you can. Bengals have sensitive stomachs, but they don’t know that much. They will try to eat everything in sight, so if you don’t clean, soon you’ll be scrubbing up something off your carpet much worse.


Bengals are smart, curious, cute, and lovable all curled up in one tiny, fuzzy ball. They make great pets, and if you have one your sure to enjoy!

Word Bank

Rosettes - a type of spot that are on leopards, cheetahs, and various other cats.

Exquisite- unique, special

Ancestors- family from a long time

Constantly- a lot, always