Future Predictions

Technology Dependence

If the last few decades have taught me anything, it's that Americans have become more and more dependent on technology. Today, you can see countless kids younger than 10 playing on iPad and iPhones and whatever other technology they can find. This is crazy because all I had as a child is a coloring book and some imagination. 

Technology in School

I think schools are going to become more technology based in the next decade because of how it has been happening over the last five or so years. My mother is a teacher and each summer I see her taking courses to see how well the education system can incorporate new technology to not only make learning more dynamic, more more fun as well.

Recently, we have seen more and more use of iPads and computers in our school alone and I think that this can only grow as time goes on. Who knows if a decade from now all students will be issued an iPad or a school laptop; in fact, I believe there are schools in the area that do this.