An Ecosystem is a body of Biotic Organisms (Being, Creature, Animal, Plant, Life-Form) in concomitance with Abiotic components (Air, Minerals, Water, Etc.) therefore, interfacing as a system. Animals within any Ecosystem depend on each other for survival, and they (the herbivores) depend on plants for survival, therefore if the plants perish, (Drought, Heat, Etc.) the herbivores will perish, if the herbivores perish, the carnivores will perish, eliminating the whole Ecosystem. Although, not all Ecosystems are slaughtered by climate change or natural disasters.  We may not realize what we are doing, but we are harming Ecosystems every day. Examples: Over-hunting, Deforestation, Pollution, Land Conversion, Oil Spills, Etc. If we minimize the use of energy resources, stop deforestation, stop polluting the air, water, and soil, conserve wildlife, etc. we can save Ecosystems and way more than just that.

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