Back to the past - Liz Slawter

As I opened my eyes, I realized that I was no longer eating breakfast with my mom. I saw many girls that were wearing short, glimmering dresses. They all had short, bobbed hair. Their dresses were red, orange, and very shiny. They are known as flappers. There were no flappers in 2015 (that I know of). I knew that something must have happened to me, but I didn't know what. I saw that there were signs in multiple different places that said "no alcohol allowed". I knew that I was in the "Roaring 20's", because there were flappers and there was alcohol prohibition.

It is kind of ironic because in social studies the other day, we talked about the "Roaring 20's". I don't know how I got here, or who sent me here, or more importantly, how do I return back to 2015? I am really scared. I have no money, I am in my pajamas, and I know no one here! What do I do? I need a phone to call my mom. but as I thought about it, there are no phones! I'm in the 1920's! As I walk down the cold, busy streets(I still don't know where), I look for people that I may know. I passed a dark, dimly lit theater in which the heading at the front of the theater said "Louis Armstrong : Singing tonight at 6:30". I have heard of Louis Armstrong, but I don't know anything about him. There were people that were outside of the old, antique theater that were dancing to the earthy grooves of soul jazz.

All of the sudden, I saw a radiant light through my shut eyelids in which it could have obscured someones vision. As I opened my eyes, I took a deep breath in. I could smell butter willingly melting on the freshly cooked, fluffy pancakes. I realized that my mom was preparing breakfast downstairs. She said "Liz, where were you?" I said "I was somehow sent to the 1920's and I don't know how that happened." She said "No way, I've always wanted to travel back in time!" I thought to myself "I wish I could take her back to the 1920's." I suddenly began to hear a bursting sound of joy. I opened my eyes and realized that the theater looked familiar. Mom said "Jazz... I love Jazz!"

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