Zeus is the God of Lightening

Roman name Jupiter

Supreme ruler of the Gods

The son of Cronus and Rhea

Brother of  Haddes and Posiden

Married to Hera


He has four main responsibilities. First he is the God of aerial phenomena. Second, he is the personification of the laws of nature.  Third,  he is Lord of the state-life.  Fourth,  he is the father of the Gods and men.


He has four symbols.

His most common symbol is the thunderbolt. The thunderbolt represents the weapon wielded in both myth and art.

His second symbol is an Eagle. The Eagle soars and sees everything in the sky just like Zeus.

His third symbol is a bull. He is the bull in many stories.

His last symbol is oak it represents Zeus and his religion and there was a cult associated with this tree at Dodona.

Fun facts

Zeus had many affairs with other woman.

He obtained his thunderbolt from a cyclopes.

His Eagle retrieves his thunderbolts when he throws them.

He over threw his father Cronus from the throne and killed him

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