Civic Action Project

You will be working with a small group to research a local, state, national or global organization that helps others.  

Check out how Annie, an 11 year old girl, decided she wanted to make a difference!

Click the button below to see the research organizer.  Make sure you open the organizer, make a copy in your drive and share it with your team-mates.  You will all be working off of this same document.  Each team member must be assigned some sort of work, no sitting allowed!  I know you can all contribute to making this presentation the best one ever!

You will also be filling out a group project contract. This is to make sure that everyone is doing the work that they need to!  Click the link below and make a copy of the contact and fill it out as a group.  Make sure to share it with me.

Its Project Time-let your creative juices flow!

Now that you have your research organizer completely filled out, your team will work together to decide on how they would like to present the information.

Here are some examples of some previous projects.

You're not done yet!

Now its your turn to let your creative juices flow and create your very own team project! Maybe you are a prezi-pro and want to create that!  Or is your iMovie intelligence high and you want to go that route?  Maybe you love to sing and you want to create a song about your organization?  Or perhaps you love acting and you want to create a short commercial along with a script about your research? The sky is the limit! Feel free to check with your teacher about any other options.

How will we be graded on all of this?

We have practiced our presentation, its perfect, now what?

Now it is time to do your presentation for an actual audience!  Pick another group to present to, and have them fill this out while your group presents.  Then use the information they shared on the sheet to make your presentation that much better!  

Once you have made the changes to better your presentation, do your presentation again for the same group and get feedback as to whether or not you improved or not.  Remember, practice makes perfect!

"It's easy to make a buck.  It's a lot tougher to make a difference." Tom Brokaw