This takk is about how the Greek lived their every day life

Hardships of traveling:They had trouble traveling because traveling over the mountains were hard because all the pebbles rocks and sometimes boulders were hard to travel on. And only the wealthy people could afford to travel on horses or oxen and if they ran in mud, their wheels would get stuck or pop off.

The Greeks farming challenges:They had a shortage of flat land which was hard for them to farm and raise domestic animals. They also had a shortage of water for their crops and giving them water. They had to search the mainland for other resources they need.

The Greeks started new colonies to look for new land and the first colony started in 1000 B.C.E. It was located Ionia in Asia Minor. And They had to take a long sea voyage to find a good location for their colony. They tried to avoid places where the local people might oppose the new colonies. Finally, they had to build their new community and make it successful.

At the top of the page are some example pictures of what the Greeks traded but they often trade grain,timber and metal. They traded among the city-states and in the wider Mediterranean area.

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