Mrs. Bo's Life

By Sofia Pastor

Hi! My name is Bo and I am a newborn calf. I was born about 2 hours ago and this is the beginning of my life-cycle as a Dairy Producer. I am recently in a separate barn than my mother. My owner is getting everything ready to feed me some milk. He will continue to do this for about 6-8 weeks.

Well, weeks have passed and as you can see I am stronger and bigger. My owner has taken really good care of me therefore, I am ready to join the herd. But, there is something that worries me.... I am about to get vaccines! I am very nervous. My owner told me i have to get vaccinated before I join the herd because, he is afraid I can give other cattle any diseases I may have.

I am back guys!!!! I am several months old and I am getting ready to get my milk taken out. I am doing really good producing milk that my owner is getting ready to show me at the towns Showing Competition. I am producing about 18,000 pounds of milk a year. In a few weeks i will have my own calf. Any suggestions on how I should name her?

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