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Honduras with it's flag as the land (Click on it for a website)

About the flag

      Their flag was adopted  on March 7, 1866.


     One holiday they celebrate is America day on April 14. After that, on May 1, they celebrate Labor Day as a national holiday. They also celebrate Columbus day on October 12.  And on October 21, they celebrate Army Day. They became independent in 1821, after two and a half decades of mostly military rule a freely elected government


     Honduras is mainly a agriculture country. It does some trade with the US. Many people work at plantations and grow crops such as corn, beans, and rice.  Only about 2/5's of the  land is used for agriculture. Large plantations grow bananas, the country's chief export. Coffee, also a major export, is grown on small farms that are found in the mountains. Tobacco, cotton, African palm nuts, and sugarcane are also very useful crops. Poultry, cattle, and hogs are the greatest in numbers with farm animals.

People There

     Around 90% of the population is mestizo. Mestizo is a mixture Indian and Spanish descendant.  There is an mixture of freed African slaves and other groups, and some Hondurans are of pure Indian, African, or Spanish descent. Around 62% of the people live in rural/country areas. Spanish is the langue most used. English is used in some certain areas especial on the bays of the Islands and along the Caribbean coast. The population is 8,598,561.

Fun Facts

The national mammal is the white tailed deer, and the national bird is the scarlet macaw.

It is the second poorest country in central america, Nicaragua being the first.

There were 103 airports and not all of them had runways (in 2013)

There are 44 km of railroads.

The national resources include timber, gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, iron ore, antimony, coal, fish, hydro-power.


     There government is democratic constitutional republic meaning democratic republic people who are not restricted by a constitution. If you did not know what democratic is it is a state in which main power falls in the body of citizens who can vote for officers and representatives govern them. Dictatorship - a form of government in which a ruler or small clique wield absolute power. The president the is Juan Orlando Hern├índez (I could not get a picture of him).

Honduras is located in Central American and is the green land(where the arrow is pointing)

Location of Honduras

    Honduras is located in central America, next to Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. It is not a very large country.  It is facing the Caribbean sea and is very close to the Caribbean islands. Honduras is above the equator(on a map) and below the united States of America.

Land in Honduras/Climate

    The land  is more 111,000 sq km in area(Note:This is just land, the whole area-water and land-  is around 112,000 sq km). The boarders add up to more 1,575 km. The climate is subtropical in lowlands, while temperate in mountains. The terrain is mostly mountains and narrow coastal plains.

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