Baltimore Rioting

By: Kelsey Johnson

Source #1: Tv Video found on youtube

Author: The author was CNN news channel. CNN is a news channel. The author's point of view is the view of the news media and a news person trying to get the information they need.

Place and Time: The time this video was aired on tv was April 29, 2015. This affects the meaning of the source because it is very recent and only one point of view is shown

Prior Knowledge: I know there is rioting in Baltimore and I know news channels show what they want us to see.

Audience: The audience is citizens who want to know what is going on.

Reason: The riots were becoming bigger and more violent

The Main Idea: The source is trying to show what is going on in Baltimore so the viewers are up to dat. The source is trying to show all the rioting and looting going on.

Significance: This is significant because people are being hurt and Baltimore is being destroyed.

Source #2: News Paper

Author: NY Daily News. I know they are a news paper. The point of view is the news media.

Place and Time: April 28, 2015. The meaning of the source is very recent and up to date information

Prior Knowledge: They are the news media. There is pictures of police with shields capturing the feel of need for protection.

Audience: The citizens who want to know what is going on

Reason: To inform the citizens about statistics of the poverty in Baltimore

The Main Idea: The main idea is to talk about the poverty of Baltimore and the police brutality isn't the only issue.

Significance: The significance is this talks about the poverty in Baltimore and brings in legitimate st

Source #3: Internet

Author: Louis Hyman. He is an assistant history professor at Cornell University. The point of view is in his eyes.

Place and Time: May 1, 2015. The meaning of the source is recent.

Prior Knowledge: Luis is a professor and there is destruction going on in Baltimore.

Audience: Citizens who want to know

Reason: Why riots happen

The Main Idea: What causes riots

Significance: The significance is there's reasoning behind rioting

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