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About DMcK Properties

DMcK Properties, LLC is a real estate brokerage and investment firm focused on locations in the San Francisco Bay area. The firm, established in 2002 by attorney and entrepreneur Donovan McKendrick, has based its services on the tenants of exceptional customer service as well fast, reliable, and efficient results. The company currently manages and leases more than 200 apartment units throughout northern California, in addition to commercial spaces and single-family homes. The staff of DMcK Properties are aptly able to guide property owners through a number of legal scenarios, such as capital improvement pass through, commercial lease negotiations, and rental lease term enforcement.

DMcK Properties reviews all applicants interested in purchasing or moving into a property, and will provide clients with a list of the most qualified individuals. Once an applicant has been accepted, the firm will collect the rental lease—which they will draft for clients—and any upfront payments required to secure the unit.

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