Recent studies have shown that infants that are still in their mothers womb are able to listen to their mothers talking during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. It states that they are able to differentiate between their native and foreign languages. The vowel sounds of the mothers voice are the loudest and clearest items of speech. The researchers computed the infants reaction to native and foreign languages by the amount of time they sucked on a pacifier connected to a computer. Longer and shorter times of sucking on the pacifier were corollated with their familiarity with their native language. Most infants sucked longer for foreign languages, which showed that they had no interest in the sounds of it.

          I think this is very much tied into psychology because it deals with early development of the brain. The studies showed that even before we are born, we are taking in experiences and putting them into our memories. We continue this for the rest of our lives. I chose this because I love learning new things and experiencing new things. This study shows that it is in our human nature to learn and take in new things. This is very important to maintain a good and healthy life.


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