Special Family Cabin

Alyssa Mast 6th Hour 4/23/14

A cabin hidden between trees, three hours away

Is a special place for my family and I.

This was the place where nothing bad could happen.

The minute I walk in the front door I feel immediately at home.

The vision you see of the backyard,

is a huge lake that washes up on the shore.

Placed in the middle of the yard was a big hammock,

Where we lay at night to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July,

The basement has a room made for all the kids,

Anywhere I look, I think of playing with my cousins.

The bottom bunk,

Was the bunk everyone fought to sleep on.

On the wall, there is whole bunch of names

That were written by my grandpa.

Every time we visit he re-measures us,

He then writes are name and the date.

The cabin hidden between trees, three hours away

Was my past, present and is my future.

Even when the cabin is here no longer,

I will never forget one little detail about our special family cabin.

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