Guatemalan Group Similation

This was a simulation we did during class to show power shifts.

This is a map of Guatemala ! :)

1. What groups are involved, who had the power?

The groups that were involved included the guerillas, the army and the wealthy, peasants, and the Government of Guatemala. Out of all the groups the United States had the most power.

2.   How the balance of power shifted and why?

The United States took over the Guatemalan Government. Treaties and negotiations were made. The groups also worked together and the United states taking over made us make different decisions because they formed alliances.

3.   How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game (violence/corruption/war)?

Negotiations and treaties were made with in some groups but some of the groups didn't agree and deny their negotiations. The United States ended up not agreeing with them and then they ended up taking over. There was corruption and war because there was a little but of a rivalry.

4.   What role did the US have on the simulation?

The United States had the most power in this simulation. At first they were neutral and didn't do anything. After that they gained all power to all the groups. The United States worked there way up on the power ranking.

5.  What happens to a country when power shifts, is the effect positive or negative?

When the power shifts is has both negative and positive effects on the country. You can gain more or less power and certain groups could be effected. The United States had the most msus and power this helped so they could successfully win the game.

6.  Apply this information to YOUR LIFE! What relationships do you have in your life, how are cooperation and conflict evident? Provide a minimum of 2 examples.

My parents have the power in my household. An example of cooperation is saying I will clean my room so they can let me go somewhere. An example of a conflict is getting in an argument because I didn't clean my room.

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