You're Turning 40!

February, 19, 2014

40 years ago at 6:15 AM, a 7 pound 4 oz, 20.5 inch, blonde haired baby boy was born!

As super wife wannabe I had all kinds of devious plans for your 40th Birthday, but you've made it clear a surprise event is not your thing. So in lieu of an outing I made this special Tackk just for you that lists 40 things I love about the greatest guy in my world.

Love always,

40 Amazing Things About

David Miceli

1) You're smile is contagious

2) You carry my bags, even when I don't need you to

3) You have a great taste in movies

4) You approach all sports and games with a desire to improve skill and accuracy

5) You look sexy in running shorts

6) You are always willing to help a friend

7) You treat me to nice dinners

8) You are a fabulous "friend fan" who enjoys seeing others efforts rewarded

9) You are great with kids

10) You can talk comfortably with anyone

11) You're charming

12) You make a great fire

13) You love your man tools

14) You're an animal lover

15) You're (mostly) vegan

16) You're an Ironman

17) You look smashing in a tux

18) You encourage and congratulate others often

19) You are kind to waiters and waitresses

20) You are a generous tipper

21) You are always ready to write a friend a recommendation

22) You know how to kick back and have fun

23) You indulge my pastimes which aren't your favorite, like dancing

24) You give your nieces and nephews endless "horse" and "plane" rides, even when you are tired

25) You sing in the shower, car, and randomly throughout the day

26) You enjoy going to the theater

27) You listen to Michael Buble

28) You strive for what's fair, not always what's advantageous to you

29) You shovel the drive enthusiastically

30) You play with the cats and work on building relationships with them daily, though they are still aloof and shy

31) Your gifts are always thoughtful and show you pay attention

32) You love a good snuggle

33) You live your days with purpose and get many tasks done

34) You love to bike, swim, and run (added bonus you aren't too much faster than me so we can train together)

35) You are a 737 pilot (that's pretty cool!) years after saving money at age 12 to take flying lessons

36) You drink craft beer (still cool even though you prefer hoppy drinks)

37) You race cyclocross with no training

38) You have a contagious enthusiasm relayed with a bit of goofiness which is uniquely your own

39) You're a great golf partner (even though you are much better than me)

40) You support your local friends businesses

Happy Birthday Sweetie!