Geothermal energy


It is very renewable,also  it is found all over the world, and is 99.99 percent environmental safe. It releases a very small amount of pollution, and also is Never ending or we would die.


0.01 chance to blow up, can release a small amount of radioactive particals, and is very expensive to set up.

Renewable or non renewable

It is a renewable resource because it comes from the earth's core and is a mix of  radioactive stuff and heat from the core of the earth, and it is infinite or the earth go 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥!

Worldwide availability

It is a world wide resource because it is the core or the earth. In the 🌎 most of it is found however in the Ring Of Fire which is in the Pacific Ocean. In the United States, the most geothermal production is in California


Geothermal energy produces a very small amount to pollution, so it 99.99 percent safe. The other 0.01 percent bad is that it produces a little bit of radioactive particles that can give you cancer or kill you. It also has a very small chance of blowing up.


Geothermal energy costs only costs 90 to 100 dollars every one MWh. The geothermal has a special tool that  needs to be dug out with. Then the steam will turn a turbine and power energy.

Other fact

Geothermal energy is actually used in every spot in the world! Even Alaska, for heat and energy.