"Land Between Two Rivers"

                                                              BY: MRHT

This is a map of Mesopotamia. The green colored part in the map is called  the "Fertile Crescent".  The "Fertile Crescent" has/had fertile soil to grow with. Sumerians and Babylonians mostly lived there with their biggest city named "Uruk". Now in modern time, Mesopotamia is now Lower Egypt, Iran, Isreal and etc.


This is a video explaining Information about Mesopotamia and its people.

      This is Cuneiform.  It is a written language who the Sumerians made, and is believed to be one of the earliest known writing forms. Cuneiform is a Latin word that means "wedged shaped".

  This is a Ziggurat.  A Ziggurat is a huge temple where people in Mesopotamia went to worship their gods and goddesses. Now in modern times some of us still go there to worship our gods.

This is a wheel, it is one of the very many inventions that the Mesopotamian's made in there time. They also made the sailboat, pottery wheel and the number 60 which we use for different things such as seconds, minutes, etc.

This is irrigation. Irrigation is something that they made for farming to control the water that all of the crops get. It also helped if they were low on water, then they could get water if they badly needed it.

These are gods, goddesses and monsters. The Mesopotamian people used to worship the different people.

Finally, this is the Code of Hammurabi. It was a Babylonian law that was placed in different public places, the code had 282 different laws for people to follow.

These are Mesopotamian mud bricks. They used them for building different types of things. They made them by using mud and straw, mix them together and let them dry in a hot sunny day.

This is Gilgamesh. He is a Mesopotamian god who people made stories up about him and his greatness.

This is the Aspect of Daily Life. There were 4 classes in order, Priests, Upper Class, Lower Class and Slaves. In the picture below you can see how they lived in daily life.

Below on "Index of Mesopotamia" you go onto a website about Mesopotamia where I got some of my information for this.

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