Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

C. Fritz

The First Telephone

The First Telephone

The telephone was a very important invention because it allows us to talk to people over long distances. Today there are more than 6.8 billion people that use telephones. Telephones are one of our biggest resources.

Alexander Graham Bell

ThE lightbulb

The First Light Bulb and Thomas Edison

The light bulb is such an important part of human life because it gives us the power to see in the dark. Without light bulbs at night when we are driving we wouldn't be able to see where we are going at all. Light bulbs have helped humans discover electricity through out the years.


The First Sewing Machine

The sewing machine was a very important invention because it allowed us to make clothes in a faster, more efficient way. Without sewing machines making clothes would be a lot more difficult because you would have to weave every cloth and sew every stitch together by hand. Without sewing Machines clothes wouldn't be made at a fast pace.

Elias Howe


The First Camera

Cameras are very important in today's society. They capture memorial moments that some would not remember with out the picture. Without cameras the pictures that we use to represent the past would not exist.

George Eastman


The First Seismograph

The seismograph is a very important tool. It records earthquakes' shake rate. Without this tool it would be hard to figure out how dangerous an earthquake is or can become.

John Milne


The First Airplane

Airplanes are very amazing inventions. They help us get from one place to the next fast and efficient. Without them it would take more time to get around the world.


The First Automatic Dishwasher

Dishwashers are very helpful. They help us was dishes faster and cleaner than it would be to wash them by hand. Without them our dishes would take longer to clean and they wouldn't be as clean.

Josephine Cochrane

Periodic Table of Elements

The First Periodic Table Of Elements

The periodic table shows us many different elements that we live with in our everyday lives. It also informs us what is contained in each element. Without it our knowledge of elements wouldn't be as good.

Dmitri Mendeleev

motion pictures

The First Motion Pictures

Motion pictures are kind of self explanatory. They allow us to see pictures in motion, or also referred to as a video. With motion pictures we can experience a full playback of what has happened through history instead of just a snapshot.

Louis and Auguste Lumiere

gas-powered automobile

The First Gas-Powered Automoblie

Automobiles are very important to todays society. We use automobiles to ship goods for one place to the next at a decent pace. Without automobiles, shipping food from one place to the next would be very difficult because you would have to ship the food fast enough before it would rot and go bad.

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