The Great Wall of China

By: Mark Robinson

Construction on the Great Wall began in 260-210 B.C. by the Qin dynasty. Those where the earliest of the extensions for the Great Wall. Work on the wall continued until the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). The wall that you see today is primarily the work done during the Ming dynasty.

The Great Wall of China is about 2,145 along with a extra 1,770 of other branches. The Great Wall of China was built out of bricks, stone, and sand.

There are more than 10,000 watch towers and beacon towers along the Great Wall. During the Ming Dynasty 1 million soldiers were needed to defend the wall against "barbarians" and non-chinese.

In addition to the Great Wall, China also had other defense walls that were built over the last 2,000 years. ALL of China's defense walls total 31,070 miles. For comparison, Earth's circumference is 24,854 miles.

Common belief is that the Great Wall can be seen from the moon. This is not true. It is questionable if it can be seen with the naked eye from close orbit.

Over 1 million people died building the Great Wall giving it the nickname "the longest cemetery on Earth".

Technically, the Great Wall of China is not one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as many think, it is considered one the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World.

I chose the Great Wall of China because I always wanted to learn more about it because a wall built across a country as big as China sounds spectacular.