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Rulers and as such measuring devices are required by academic students, professional architects, students undergoing special educational programs, etc. A ruler helps reading the length, diameter, height, cubic measures, dimensions and other types of measuring parameters correctly. Every person has found it immensely useful at some point in their lives. Ruler is the most preferred measuring instrument or device to any person whether it is a school student, college goers, an engineer or an architect. A ruler is a basic measuring instrument and helps measuring various things in our normal day to day life. Rulers have always helped people in a lot many ways like the desk rulers do to help drawing a straight line.

The easily available 12 inch rulers help drawing lines while doing math, drawing lines for painting images, etc. The rulers previously used to be available in their plastic form and wooden form. On wooden ones the measuring marks used to be scribbled whereas the plastic ones are molded with length markings. The steel ones are also available which provides impressive durability as it will not break like plastic ones.

Custom rulers are now being extensively used as modern day attractive advertising tactic which ensures much impressive and encouraging feedback from the large targeted group of audiences. Custom printed promotional rulers often come with the impression of a company or organization’s logo, called logo rulers, and with their business tagline or message. They also look very glamorous and trendier than the old ones with a long wooden or plastic structure marked with measurement impressions. Personalized rulers also do advertisements and promotional jobs of any business firm or organization in the most unique way.

An architect may find it extra useful as the individual is required to take a correct measurement reading of a lot many things to be able to successfully finish their project. An architectural scale ruler is of considerable assistance to an architect that proves quite helpful to measure and read the depth & intensity of a building or a wall and do other necessary architectural drawings. Without an appropriate scale designed to serve the unique and specialized needs of architectural professionals and students. An engineer ruler may look similar to an architecture ruler, but comes with a different set of measurements. An engineer ruler is used for measuring distances and transferring measurements at a fixed ratio of length.

X ray rulers can be availed, which are basically used by medical students and professionals. X ray rulers are designed to be used in radiology images so that the radiologist can accurately measure something directly from the image. They are smart enough to help a radiologist label actual size of the body parts in the image. In this way positive x ray reports can be made possible. Construction and design, industrial sectors always favored using triangular rulers because of their special structural feature which prevents them sliding easily of a drawing board. This quality makes them easy to work with for designers.

You decide which ruler will serve your needs best.

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