I Value Basketball because its always there for me

basketball is what I Love To do

basketball is what I value because you get to me new people travel around the world see different cultures. I Value Family Because they show love and care about me. I Value Friends because if you choose the right ones they would always be there for you. I Value food because when your upset/depressed its gonna always be there for you. I value all of that cause with all of those my life couldn't be any better.

I Value Friends Because they will always Be there For You like this Kid Taevon Wallace I Know him for serval years he always been there for me.

I Value Family Cause there Loveable help You Thur tough times and best of All never turn there Back on you.

I Value Food

I Value food Because when your feeling depressed all you can do is eat. meaning it could always be there for You.

I Value Money

I Value Money because now in day the only way you can get what you want is having a lot of money being wealthy that's why I value money

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