Causes of Obesity

Obesity is a huge problem in our society. It cost a lot of money to the government and even with all these funds invested it will hardly stop. The main problem is that there are too many causes to that problem and it is taught to target where we have to work. In this text, we will discuss about two main things that cause this big problem.

Firstly, obesity is mainly caused by poor diet. It is not a secret. People who have high fat diet and who eat too much sugar and salt are more likely to become obese and to develop health problems. Nowadays, in our North American society, a part of the population seems to have forgotten one of the for essential food groups: fruit and vegetables. It is sad, because a high percentage of people who are obese are poor. They are not informed about the importance of fresh vegetables in their diet and mostly, they don’t have access to that crucial food. Prepackaged meals, which contain way too much salt, sugar and many other things that we don’t want to know about, are less expensive. For those who do not have much money, it is the easiest way to eat.

Secondly, the other problem that our society faces and that causes obesity is the sedentary lifestyle. Like I said before, people don’t well, but additionally are not doing exercise. They consume way too much calories, but they are not burning it. There is after that an accumulation of fat in their body, and the circle continues again. It is only after that moment that they realize their problem. But often, it is too late. Because let me tell you that when you are overweighed, it is much easier to become lazy and to continue to watch TV, instead of doing physical activity.

Simon Martin

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