Artemis's Social Resume

Hello I'm Artemis and this is my social resume. I'll be showing you some of the few things about me..

First of, I'm a Greek Goddess, I'm the Goddess of hunt, moon, virgin and protector of youth. Here's a quick #selfie of me!

I strongly dislike men because they think that they can just have us wrapped around their finger but they're WRONG! We women are much smarter, faster, stronger and braver than men!

Deers are my favorite type of animal! IF ANYONE DARES TO HURT THEM I'LL KILL YOU!
I AM ONE FOREST LOVER! I love it because it's quiet and it can be relaxing !
I HATE BIG CITIES because there is so much people and lights and sound that can be really irritating and stressful!

One of all time favorite movie series is the THE HUNGER GAMES. I love this series because I can relate a lot with Katniss Everdeen, because we both love to hunt with our bow and arrows, we love to be in forests where it keeps us calm, we both protect the innocent and were both fierce and brave warriors that have gone through so much tragic.

Here is one of my favorite scenes from the newest Hunger Game movie called the "Hunger Game Mockingjay part 1"

My favorite song would be Hanging Tree by Jennifer Lawrence because it was produced by my favorite actress and came out in my favorite movie. I like the "rebel remix" version because I like music that is fast tempo especially when I'm out hunting or doing any outside activity. I CAN LISTEN TO THIS EVERY DAY!!

I also love the song " Who run the World" BEYONCE.I love the message that it sends, which is the that women run the world not men and that women are much stronger and powerful than you think!

I live in Yellowstone National Park. It's one of the most beautiful forest in the WORLD!

Although, If I would have to go on Vacation I would go to Craters of the Moon National Monument!

The only social media I have is TWITTER! Follow me at @GoddessofHunt. Here I post about the daily things that happen in my life!

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