Live at Raw Tracks

Osaka, JAPAN

ASB Live Photo Report

It's always fun for the band to play at the bar where they have never played before.  Raw Tracks, in Tenmabashi Osaka, surprised all the ASB members because they never realized there was such nice live bar in the area.  Played with Hiroki Kurita and other excellent bands. Hiroki Kurita BAND, the organizer of the event, and other great bands and solo artists got together for this exceptional night in Osaka.

天満橋Raw Tracksはメンバーも「こんなところにこんな雰囲気のライブハウスが!」と驚いた場所。栗田裕希BANDをはじめ、その他の素晴らしい共演陣に囲まれ素晴らしい夜になった。より詳細なレポートはASBブログをチェック!

Photography by Hidehiro Shirakashi

Photo - Part 1

Photo - Part 2

Photo - Part 3


1.The Driving Waltz
2.Looking at You
4.The Sound of Your Voice
5.Another Round
6.Taxiway Lights