How did Germany suffer tremendous losses even though they out numbered the allies planes 2 to 1 in the Battle of Britain?

There were many reasons why the Germans failed while taking control of the allies air force. One of the most significant reasons why the Germans failed was because of their lack of technology. British scientists created radar, which allowed them to detect enemy machinery using electromagnetic waves and pulses. This technology was installed into British planes which warned them for awaiting attacks and assaults. Radar put the Royal Air Force one step ahead of the Luftwaffe in achieving victory.

The allies, throughout the whole battle had the upper hand. They had a number of advantages over the Luftwaffe. One advantage the allies had over the Luftwaffe, was the availability to fuel and ammunition close by. If ally planes were almost out of fuel and war supplies all they would have to do is land where as the Germans could not. German bombers and fighters would run out of fuel and ammunition which would put them in bigger danger and the only solution they had was to retreat to fill up.

The Battle of Britain definitely proved that quality is without a doubt better than quantity. At the beginning of the battle the Germans had a total of 3000 planes and the Allies totalled at around 1200 planes. These numbers meant nothing to the Allies as they achieved victory. The only connection I could make to this  is something that happened very recently. Sadly, ISIS had just taken control of towns and cities across Iraq and Syria. I can connect this to my inquiry because ISIS achieved this while being out numbered 15:1. In this event 30,000 Iraqi soldiers were caught by surprise and retreated as a smaller force advanced forward and conquered.


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